Why should I service my car?

It is time for my car to be sent to the workshop. The servicing decals says so. It says I need to service my car this month and at this mileage. But why? Why is it important to service my car? It costs me time and money. Is it really that important? Should I do […]

Should your car feel different after a service?

The quick answer is no, not if you are doing it regularly and properly.  If your car feels different, this might mean that there was a huge difference in performance before and after the servicing. The old oil might have degraded too much before the oil changed, or the old oil is of an unsuitable […]

How often should I change my oil filter?

A lot of drivers know they should be changing their engine oil regularly. But do they realise they should also be changing their oil filter at the same time? While there isn’t a simple answer as to how often you should change your oil filter, we’ll discuss below, when you should change your engine’s oil […]