Insurance and Accident Claims

Car accidents are unfortunate, let Squad Workshop help with your insurance and accident claims and advise you on what to do when the unfortunate happens.

Insurance Accident Claims

Insurance and accident claims

Always stay calm after an accident. Call us immediately if you do not know what to do.


STEP 1: Breathe and stay calm

After a car accident, check injuries on yourself, then proceed to check if others are alright and not in a life-threatening situation.

If the situation is beyond your control, call the appropriate hotlines immediately:

Singapore Emergency Contact Numbers:

Ambulance and Fire 995
Police 999
Non-Emergency Ambulance 1777
EMAS (Expressway Towing) 1800 2255 582
Traffic Police 6547 0000

STEP 2: Take a video of the scene and record important information

Take a video of the accident site BEFORE moving the vehicles. Take note of any lane markings, vehicle plate numbers and landmarks in your surrounding. Take more videos/photos as you never know what is needed as evidence for your insurers. It is best to take videos and photos of different angles to avoid blind spots.

The reason behind not moving your vehicle is to make sure you have all your photo and video evidence taken. If you move your vehicles around too much, important information might be lost, and it is words against words. In addition, the emotions during the accident might affect the recount later on during accident reporting.

Record important information of other drivers and/or witnesses:

  • NRIC
  • Contact number
  • Vehicle plate number


Alternatively, you may also request and take a picture of their NRIC and driving license.

Whatsapp link: 86185555

Let us know what the situation is and we can evaluate and advise based on the scenerio.

Towing will be arranged for you if necessary. Our private tow trucks will not be able to tow on the expressways, hence EMAS should be called to get the vehicle towed off the expressways. EMAS will tow the vehicle into the nearest large vehicle carpark, after which our towing partner will take over.

STEP 4: Insurance reporting

Prepare the following documents for insurance reporting:

  • Driver NRIC
  • Driver Driving License
  • Owner NRIC
  • Owner Driving License
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Vehicle Log Card
  • Medical Bills and Medical Certificate (if any)
  • Police Report (if any)

Servicing & Maintenance

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Insurance & Accident Claims

Our accident repair centre and partners houses a team of experienced claims specialist to provide an all-in service if you meet with an accident.

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