When conducting a pre-purchase inspection for a vehicle, particularly for a used one, employing tools like a borescope and compression test can provide invaluable insights into its overall health and potential issues. This is why Squad Workshop highly recommends the $180 package we offer for the Pre Purchase Inspection.

A compression test measures the engine’s ability to generate and maintain pressure within its cylinders. By assessing compression levels in each cylinder, inspectors can determine the engine’s overall condition, including potential issues such as worn piston rings, damaged valves, or head gasket leaks. Discrepancies in compression levels between cylinders can indicate underlying problems that may require costly repairs or replacement parts.

Utilizing a borescope during the inspection process offers a unique advantage in uncovering potential defects that could go unnoticed through a standard compression check. Issues such as cylinder wall glazing or scoring, as well as corrosion within the cylinder, become visible with this advanced inspection tool. Moreover, a thorough borescope examination can confirm or rule out potential factors contributing to low compression readings, enhancing the accuracy of the assessment.

Combining these diagnostic tests with other standard inspection procedures, such as checking fluid levels, inspecting the exterior and interior components, and test-driving the vehicle, provides a comprehensive evaluation of its mechanical integrity and reliability. Ultimately, a thorough pre-purchase inspection utilizing tools like borescopes and compression tests helps prospective buyers make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls associated with purchasing a used vehicle.

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