Pre-purchase Inspection

Let Squad Workshop give you a peace of mind when we check your car for you before purchase and inspection.


Worried about getting a lemon second hand car? Then send the car down to Squad Workshop to do a pre-purchase inspection before confirming and putting a deposit. This way you will not have any surprised after buying the second hand used car. Squad Workshop will advise you accordingly. 

Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI) Package includes:

  • Visual inspection of all wear and tear of common parts
  • Computer scan for any errors or tamper with mileage
  • Compression test with camera scope to check cylinder walls, piston, valves, which can only see seen if you dismantle the engine

Generally the salesman will send the car down on your behalf for us to do the checks. Once done, we will drop you a whatsapp with images and reports about the condition of the vehicle. No attendance is required from you.  

Price: $180 nett

VICOM pre-inspection check

Squad Workshop guarantees a 100% passing rate for your VICOM inspection. Do not waste your time failing a VICOM STA inspection and doing reinspection. Come do a general maintenance and check first.


Above Carriage Check: An inspector carries out visual checks on

  • Vehicle identity (number plate, engine and chassis numbers)
  • Lighting equipment (headlamps, stop lamps, front and rear lamps, direction indicators, etc)
  • Bodywork
  • Vehicle modification/accessories
  • Road wheel and tyres
  • General items (seat belts, horn, windscreen, safety devices, etc)


Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test: Checks Exhaust Emission Level (Applicable for Diesel-driven Vehicles only)

  • The chassis dynamometer simulates the load and inertia of the vehicle when driven on the road
  • Vehicle wheel power is measured
  • Smoke sample is collected from the exhaust pipe


Alignment Test: Checks front wheel alignment.
The lateral movement of the front wheels is measured as the vehicle is driven over the side-slip tester.

Brake Test: Determines efficiency of brakes.
The brake tester is used to measure brake performance, efficiency and drag force.


Headlight Test: Determines proper alignment and focus of headlamps.
The headlight aimer is used to measure the luminous intensity and the horizontal and vertical aim of each headlamp at high beam.

Exhaust Emission Test: Checks exhaust emission level of petrol driven vehicles.
A probe is inserted into the exhaust pipe to collect gas sample for measurement. Additional high idle emission test is performed for vehicle registered from 1st April 2014.

Sound Level Test: The engine is revved and noise emission is measured.


Under Carriage Check: Checks the condition of car parts and components.
Vehicle is driven over an inspection pit for visual checks on:

  • Chassis
  • Exhaust system
  • Suspension system
  • Steering system
  • Brake system
  • Leakage