R42 Upgraded Intercooler for MK5 MK6 PQ35 VAG

R42 Upgraded Intercooler
for MK5, MK6, PQ35, VAG

An intercooler will not add power instead it is one of those mods that frees up power, so it removes a restriction. It will address the engines ability to pull air in as efficiently as possible and provide as much cooling for as long as possible. An efficient intercooler design can give the benefit of 5% to 10% more power and resist heat soak for longer.

Pros – Provides the best cooling as it’s facing the air coming into the engine, you generally have more space for a FMIC and they are easier to fit as most OEM intercoolers are at the front or side of the engine bay.

Suitable for Audi S3(8P)
Golf GTI MK5, MK6
Scirocco 1.4 / 2.0 / R
Jetta 5 / 6 (1.4, 1.8, 2.0)

Bar & plate intercooler construction

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