Turbosmart Plumb Back Diverter Valve (Recirculate)

Turbosmart Plumb Back Diverter Valve (Recirculate)
Mercedes Ford Audi Skoda Seat Volkswagen VW Volvo Infiniti

🎆Plumb Back Version🎆
• 100% of air goes back into Turbo
• Holds boost better
• For boost power

🎇Dual Port Version🎇
• 50% of air goes back into Turbo
• 50% of air gets released into air
• Produces “PSSST” sound

Both are diverter valves, also known as blow off valves. No matter what you choose, it’ll already be an upgrade. Turbosmart is a complete replacement including solenoid unlike GFB DV+ which only replaces the diverter valve piston. Upgrading to Turbosmart eliminates the weak stock solenoid and GFB DV+ piston seal style.

The Kompact EM Valves overcome the common faults associated with plastic factory valves through our Boost-Balance Valve Design (The more boost you have, the better it seals), Positive Seal O-Ring on the Piston’s face and Billet Construction. No matter your application, the Kompact EM Series will hold more boost and be more responsive in any environment.

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