Why should I service my car?

Why should I service my car

It is time for my car to be sent to the workshop. The servicing decals says so. It says I need to service my car this month and at this mileage. But why? Why is it important to service my car? It costs me time and money. Is it really that important? Should I do it? What happens if I just delay it a little longer, or skip it all together?

Here, we answer the mind boggling question that has many car owners ponder upon — why should I service my car?

You might think it saves you time and money to skip servicing your car van, lorry and/or motorcycle. But, it might actually cost you more in the long run!

Some people may choose to roll up their sleeves and do an oil and filter change themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In Singapore, you just have to remember to dispose of the oil responsibly and make sure the vehicle is hoisted up securely while you drain the oil. However, you’ll probably not be able to check the other components of the vehicle to ensure they are in good condition, either due to the lack of tools, software, or a combination of both. That’s why, at Squad Workshop, we’ll always carry out an overall health check on your vehicle, and generate a report for you. This will help identify any potential problems or safety concerns. We don’t just estimate the lifespan of your components either. Instead, we use quality tools to quantify the need for a replacement. For example, we use a tread depth gauge to physically ensure the remaining tread level is safe for usage. We will also check for wear of major components such as the brakes, suspension and exhaust system to ensure they are in good-working order.

Protecting car value
Buying a car is really expensive in Singapore. It is therefore important to protect this investment well by keeping your car in good condition. For example, oiled components need to be in tip top shape, and this can be achieved by having your car serviced regularly. Additionally, keeping a proper servicing record helps if you decide to sell your car in the future. It lets the next buyer know your car has been well taken care of. This gives them peace of mind when they’re considering your car.

Increasing life span
Everything deteriorates over time, especially cars which are a daily used commodity. You can increase a car’s lifespan by servicing your car regularly. How long your car will serve you depends a lot on how regularly you service it. Ignoring a small problem now may lead it to becoming a big problem in the future, and most of the time, a large repair bill will follow. . Sometimes, your car might even break down on the road which can cause unnecessary inconvenience and stress. In extreme cases, it could lead to an accident. This is why having a routine check up with a workshop you trust can help prevent these problems from escalating, or happening altogether. Get a workshop you trust with qualified mechanics who are proficient in a car’s common weak points, wear and tear components and how to fix them. At Squad Workshop, our mechanics are highly trained and have seen wear and tear parts across many make and models. They are able to pinpoint the problem and highlight them to you so you can look out for them.
Increase car performance
A car isn’t just a mode of transport. Ask any car enthusiast and they will tell you a car is meant to be enjoyed. It’s their pride and glory. Here at Squad workshop, we are car lovers, fanatics and enthusiasts alike. We love our cars and we would love for you to love your cars too. In order to have a problem-free ride, having regular servicing is key. A well maintained car drives smoother, is much more responsive and is likely to last longer. Moving parts within the engine and gearbox that require lubricant changes at certain intervals  help to keep your car running smooth. Schedule a car servicing at our workshop at Enterprise Hub and you will have fun everyday while driving, while ensuring your ride is running the way it should. 
Better fuel efficiency
Again, money is saved when your car is serviced regularly. Poorly maintained cars are known for having poor fuel efficiency amongst other things. This means more fuel is burned for the same distance the car travels, which then translates to having to pump fuel more frequently ,and fuel isn’t cheap in Singapore! So how do you increase your fuel efficiency? Service your car regularly at our workshop to ensure your car is working efficiently!
Scheduled servicing with complementary pick up and drop off

Simply put, the benefits of servicing your car regularly are immense. However, you might not have the time to send your car down to a workshop and wait there for your car servicing to be done. You might also not have the time or tools to perform your own servicing.. But fret not. To help, Squad Workshop provides complementary pick up and drop off servicing packages for you. We will pick up your vehicle at your convenience and carry out the servicing at our workshop. We will then send you your vehicle’s health report via messaging and you can pick the services you would like done. After that, we will drop off the vehicle to wherever you are. Simple as that! This makes it convenient for you. Additionally, we’ll send you a message containing the details of your next servicing (eg. mileage/date). Let us do the remembering for you!


If you would like a professional team who takes pride in their work to service your car, look no further and drop us a message!


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